How to run multiple copies of Application in Mac OS X



Sometimes I needed several windows of FileZilla on my Mac to work with several servers simultaneously, but it doesn’t support multiple sessions (yet?). And Mac OS X doesn’t allow to launch another copy of application, so I googled a bit to find a solution… So you can run it by launching another instance of the app by typing this to command line:

/Path/To/ &


/Applications/ &

Type that as many times as instances of FileZilla you want running. The & lets you close the Terminal and keep working with the launched instances.

Or using PathFinder – open contents of the package and find an appropriate binary:

But this will launch copy of App with default settings so i suggest to use much simplier solution – Just copy the application to another location (or copy to the same with an0ther filename) and launch.


It will automatically bring up your app settings from your user folder. But I don’t recommend to edit them (read only) because of concurrent running of >= 2 apps, using sama settings folder.

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