Extra User Details WordPress Plugin

Here is the simple plugin that allows you to add extra fields to the user profile page (e.g. social media links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn profiels etc).

How-to Magento Tricks

How to make Magento’s checkout in a one page

Dealing with Magento we’ve noticed there’s with 6 steps checkout. Magento is not very flexible to customize so 1 step there’s 1 step checkout plugins you can buy for this. Here’s what I’ve found about that. Basicaly a page can be shown in Magento using simple Core_Template type. Basically all code is set inside the […]

How-to Optimization Wordpress

Improving WordPress .htaccess – optimize WP’s 404 response

WordPress has a 404.php template that’s generated for not found posts/pages. That’s fine, but what happens if post contains an image that’s deleted or moved from your blog or just path is set incorrect? It will output this 404.php template to the browser that’s actually doubles the traffic for a single page (for every not […]


New Launched!

Congrats, ITL, we’ve launched new site design of the ITL Company Corporate Site, designed by my team of web-designers and programmers. We’ve worked all around this site’s user interface to make it clean, modern, user-friendly and different to other WordPress sites. If you don’t already know, ITL is a telecom company that represent the whole […]