Xerox Phaser 3117 drivers for Mac OS X

If you have a nice GDI printer Xerox Phaser 3117, you will wonder there’s no driver for Mac OS X and Xerox website says this printer is not supported in Mac OS X 10.6.

As you know Mac OS X uses Apple’s developed CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System), so I’ve been used this printer on FreeBSD with Samsung GDI driver, but that wasn’t working via Mac’s interface. Even though there’s a special drivers build for this printer Splix, that was not working properly.

So you need to install 3 packages and select installed driver for your GDI printer:

  1. Samsung GDI (180 KB)

    The samsung-gdi package includes PPDs for 26 Samsung-GDI printers.

    The samsung-gdi package includes PPDs for 26 Samsung-GDI printers.

  2. Foomatic-RIP (640 KB)

    The Foomatic-RIP package installs the necessary core runtime components to enable printing with Foomatic machinery in Mac OS X. This package is generally not useful without Ghostscript and at least one foomatic PPD.

  3. Ghostscript (33 MB)

    GPL Ghostscript is an open-source PostScript interpreter that includes integrated support for the CUPS printing system in Mac OS X. It is the replacement for ESP Ghostscript.

Packages sources are listed here.

And then select the installed driver for your printer:

You’re done!

57 thoughts on “Xerox Phaser 3117 drivers for Mac OS X

    1. Roman

      Thank you very much! i installed printer HP ColorLaserJet CP1215 for os X maverick on my mac pro.
      лень на английском писать, короче. раньше я ставил драйвер для cp1215 еще на макоси 10.7, тогда это все собиралось из исходников при помощи xcode3….
      недавно купили mac pro ретина с 10.9, там уже xcode5…и make начинала выводить кучу ошибок. короче, ни фига не работало. полдня поисков по инету натолкнули меня на ваш сайт, где foomatic-RIP и ghostscript уже собраны в DMG. =) поставил – все ГУД! но драйвера для принтера cp1215, тем не менее, не было по ссылке в файле hpijs-3.10.6.dmg драйвера для cp1215 НЕТ. дальше по “накатанной” – ставил foo2zjs и далее все как по ссылке
      для 1215 ./getweb 1215 и о чудо! make вывел несколько warning но ни одной ошибки, все ОК и принтер заработал. в общей сложности, часов 5-6 я пытался его “прикрутить” а помог ваш блог!

      1. Kapil

        Worked for me on my OSX lion…. thanks a ton…. (working over network too, when I attach my printer to my Desktop)

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  2. xerox driver

    It’s really helpful for us. it’s working good. Poster printing allows we to print large, multiple-sheet versions of our document . Watermarks such as “Draft” or “Confidential” can be easily added to the background of any print job.

  3. Diegopm

    Anyone that downloaded the files before the linux page went down? if you can upload to megaupload or rapidshare or any other storage service a will really appreciate, Thanks

  4. JC


    I need this files too, does anyone have them and can upload it to rapidshate, megaupload or something similar?best

    Does anyone knows where can we download this files since the site is down?

  5. Chris

    Thanks a lot! Worked pretty well, though sometimes after hitting print there is no reaction. I turned the printer off and back on again, then tried printing, and it worked again.

  6. dr Nishith Sanghvi

    Salute to you. i am novice in computer and specially inMAC
    even i could do this trick very simply explained

  7. Ziadin

    Спасибо! Это невероятно 🙂 Я уже думала новый принтер покупать вместо этого, а оказывается, все очень просто.

  8. Greg

    Thanks for help, but it still didn`t resolve my problem. I have macbook osx. 10.7 and xerox phaser 3117. I proceed as You mentioned. But printer still exceeds top margin. I would be gratefull for Your help.

    1. whiet

      Today I had similar problem with top margin, but installing Splix-1.1.1 solved it!
      just install it, delete your Xerox 3117 printer and then add it again with Xerox 3117 driver that should appear in list after applying Splix
      good luck!

      1. Tla

        обрезает и печатает иногда с раза 3-4!!!
        хотя сначала работало нормально!

  9. Burak Erdem

    Unfortunately it’s not working with the new OS X Yosemite (10.10). It was working with Mavericks (10.9) but not with Yosemite 🙁

  10. Максим

    При установки последнего файла gplgs-8.71 выдает ошибку и пишет что: неудалось установить по так как небыли найден по. OSX 10.11.4 В чем может быть причина?
    When you install the latest file gplgs-8.71 gives an error and says that: Failed to install on since nebyli found on . OSX 10.11.4 reason may be what?

    1. Vadym Khukhrianskyi Post author

      Try to find installer for OS X 10.11. This article was for OS X 10.6, so more than 5 years ago 🙂

      1. Максим

        Перепробовал разные способы, к сожалению не получается найти рабочий. Если можете подсказать где посмотреть, буду признателен!
        Tried different ways , unfortunately can not find work . If you can tell where to look , I would be grateful !

  11. Kent

    I found the best solution for me at

    “Anonymous said…
    In order to get it to work on the latest OSx versions, do the following:
    1- Download Split 2.0.0 source code from
    2- Unzip it to a temporary folder that you are to delete once done
    3- Plug in your printer
    4- Open System Preferences > Printers and Add your printer
    5- Expand the “Print Using” field and then within the opened menu, select Other and it will open a ‘file selection’ dialog.
    6- In the temporary folder where you unzipped Split 2.0.0, browse inside the /ppd folder and find your printer model (Choose the ml1520.ppd NOT ph3117)
    7- Click Open and then if it worked like for me, the “Print Using” field should now be populated with something similar to “Samsung ML-1520, SpliX V. 2.0.0″
    8- Click Add
    9- Print your test page and have fun
    September 6, 2018 at 7:29 PM”

    This works great for me 10.14.6 on Mojave .


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