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Which CMS to choose, WordPress, Drupal or Joomla? [INFOGRAPHICS]

Wich open source backend platform will suit your needs?

With a wealth of open-source CMS platforms available, it’s imperative to do your homework before you select one to use on your site. We have decided to take a microscope to three of the web’s most popular open-source platforms – and there is a good reason for their success. But even if none of these three platforms will perfectly suit your needs, use the questions we have asked to research some other platforms on the market that may be better-tailored to help your site succeed.

Remove unused shortcodes from post content

If you have installed some plugin that adds shortcodes like [shortcode id=1] (for example [nggallery id=4], [tweeetmeme id=4 section=Name] etc), one you remove that, this pieces of text will appear in your post content unprocessed (just appear like they are in backend). WordPress has it’s own Shortcode API, so managing them is very easy. So if you don’t plan to use it or just temporary disable, you can use a pretty simple function that you can add to any plugin or theme’s functions.php that removes any shortcode you want from post output:

Changing post count on home page in WordPress template

Some professional WordPress websites usually have custom post roll layout and different post count on homepage. So this means when you go to second page of post roll you should’t see repeating items as a consequence of another post count than set in ‘Blog pages show at most’ setting in Reading section of Settings in WP-admin.