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Delete test orders from Magento 1.5.x/1.4.x

So you have a Magento project, created a new theme, added products and categories, and made a few orders for testing of delivery and payment. You made sure that everything works fine and the client is ready to launch your site developed. But you still see weird orders in admin panel. Client says they must be removed and they can’t do that in admin panel. But how? You can only cancel that orders, but they will remain there with status “Cancelled”. Unfortunately, Magento doesn’t to remove them through admin panel, so you will not find any button “Delete Order”. This may frustrate you as a developer and your client. The fact that the ordering data is stored in different database tables (sales, warehouse, etc..)

Disable default WordPress search query

If you’re going to implement your custom wordpress search (not wordpress native) on search.php template – for example using Google Custom Search or Bing – you might have everything working ok, but wordpress is still performing search queries to database which can slow down your site. This is because wordpress treats search.php template as search page, no matter what is inside and prepares post list before it’s loaded.

So to avoid this, you need to use the following code:

How to Override Inline CSS Styles

This is not new stuff, but anyway I decided it to re-post it for others.
One of the most powerful features of CSS is the cascading. Knowing how a browser chooses and applies your styles is invaluable knowledge. Novices can find it especially confusing given that style use is influenced by the method used to include the CSS, the order of the rules, how the selectors are specified, and special declarations such as !important.

Inline styles are those defined in the HTML itself, e.g.