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SVN to Git

SVN to Git migration

SVN to Git

SVN was a good enough version control system (VCS) and sometimes even a synonym for VCS in everyday talks. However, technologies change and the way of developing computer software as well, in my opinion, SVN became some kind of “disturbing” or “breaking” thing in development process. It’s slow, centralized and linear. I mean it’s really slow. And when Git was introduced, usually nobody realized how it’s different to SVN and why we need it. Today it’s de-facto standard for VCS. It has a bit different logic, but you can get used to it relatively quickly without any problems.


Switch to self-hosted private git easily

Don’t like plans on github or had enough with downtimes on services like that, it’s not enough space provided by git hosting service? No problem! Switch to self-hosted git then, it’s quick and easy, you will still be able to track changes etc in console or via GUI of your git client, or you can even setup gitweb/instaweb to have web-interface. Personally, I don’t like any git hosting service because they’re not reliable and don’t provide enough space and private repos.