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Which CMS to choose, WordPress, Drupal or Joomla? [INFOGRAPHICS]

Wich open source backend platform will suit your needs?

With a wealth of open-source CMS platforms available, it’s imperative to do your homework before you select one to use on your site. We have decided to take a microscope to three of the web’s most popular open-source platforms – and there is a good reason for their success. But even if none of these three platforms will perfectly suit your needs, use the questions we have asked to research some other platforms on the market that may be better-tailored to help your site succeed.


Can’t find and install Skype (or another app) in Android Market?

I came across this issue few months ago when I bought an Android phone (HTC Wildfire) and of course I needed Skype to be there as I’m using it at work. I was aware that Skype team already released an updated Skype for Android app that supports low-resolution displays (320×240 in this case) and my device was listed on official websites as supported one. But guess what? I even couldn’t find Skype app in Market on my phone, only some chinese apps and searching it by process name returned me 404.


Switch to self-hosted private git easily

Don’t like plans on github or had enough with downtimes on services like that, it’s not enough space provided by git hosting service? No problem! Switch to self-hosted git then, it’s quick and easy, you will still be able to track changes etc in console or via GUI of your git client, or you can even setup gitweb/instaweb to have web-interface. Personally, I don’t like any git hosting service because they’re not reliable and don’t provide enough space and private repos.