SVN to Git

SVN to Git migration

SVN to Git

SVN was a good enough version control system (VCS) and sometimes even a synonym for VCS in everyday talks. However, technologies change and the way of developing computer software as well, in my opinion, SVN became some kind of “disturbing” or “breaking” thing in development process. It’s slow, centralized and linear. I mean it’s really slow. And when Git was introduced, usually nobody realized how it’s different to SVN and why we need it. Today it’s de-facto standard for VCS. It has a bit different logic, but you can get used to it relatively quickly without any problems.


OS X Screensaver lock problem or Hard reset Mac every day

This have been the most annoying problem for me. I’m using Snow Leopard 10.6, but according to bug reports, it exists since Tiger 10.4.


Delete test orders from Magento 1.5.x/1.4.x

So you have a Magento project, created a new theme, added products and categories, and made a few orders for testing of delivery and payment. You made sure that everything works fine and the client is ready to launch your site developed. But you still see weird orders in admin panel. Client says they must be removed and they can’t do that in admin panel. But how? You can only cancel that orders, but they will remain there with status “Cancelled”. Unfortunately, Magento doesn’t to remove them through admin panel, so you will not find any button “Delete Order”. This may frustrate you as a developer and your client. The fact that the ordering data is stored in different database tables (sales, warehouse, etc..)